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Rookie Rides – These take place on the first Saturday of every month. 

Existing Members can find full details HERE

Rookie Rides are for Associates who are learning how to be Advanced Riders. These rides are a great place to put your new skills into practice, and to also learn the corner marking system.

Rookie Rides are open to all DAM members, including those that have passed their Advanced test and Observers, so you will be riding in great company.


Types of Membership

Until you pass your IAM test you will be an Associate Member.

New Associates must have an A or A2 driving licence. You will need your own motorcycle, which must be capable of maintaining the national speed limit. All are welcome, whether riding sports, adventure, cruiser, commuter or any other type of bike.

After passing the IAM test you will be invited to become a Full Member of the club and will hold an IAM Advanced Rider qualification. Our club has over 300 active members of whom 80 currently are Associates.


How to Join

When you join as an Associate member, you’ll be enrolled on the Advanced Rider Course which is administered by IAM RoadSmart and delivered locally by DAM instructors.

The first step is to purchase the Advanced Rider Course from IAM, so you will need to go to their website and click on ‘Advanced Rider Course’.

When you complete the order, don’t forget to mention Devon Advanced  no. 1113 in the box provided. IAM will notify us and we’ll contact you within a few days to complete the process of getting started.

If you would rather deal with us direct, we will happily enrol you and take care of the admin. and if you have arranged a taster ride your instructor will deal with it anyway. If you’ve been given a course gift voucher, we can deal with that as well, just contact us.


Still undecided? Why not ask for a taster session with one of our skilled instructors. To arrange a free 2 hour session, contact us.

Whichever route you choose you’ll find we are as much a cross section of Motorcyclists as you would find anywhere, ranging from Racing Ryan to Steady Eddy.


Although no-one rides like Marc Marquez (at least on public roads), no one smokes a pipe and none of us wear slippers (at least when riding).

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Training for Advanced Rider Qualification


The method we teach is based on the Police system of motorcycle control, designed to make you a better and safer rider and is used by all the emergency services to train their riders. Known as IPSGA, the system is made up of four phases – position, speed, gear & acceleration, all driven by observation and awareness of hazards: that’s the “i” for information.

This may not be rocket science, but it is a rigorous and well proven system. The short video below illustrates and describes the system in more detail.

The teaching will require some study, not only of the highway code, but also some of the excellent books on motorcycle roadcraft.

mcr book.jpg
hw code.jpg

Once registered with IAM you will receive a copy of the Advanced Rider Course Logbook. You will also receive a welcome pack from DAM which will tell you everything you need to know about our club. When you have completed and returned your registration documents one of our Observer/Instructors will be assigned to you and your training can begin.


Bring your logbook to your first meeting with your Observer. He or she will be your personal tutor and one-to-one guide to get you test ready. They will talk about and demonstrate safe riding techniques and observe your riding. Each session will last 2-3 hours. Using the same scoring as the IAM Roadsmart test, your Observer will give you constructive feedback and identify areas to work on. Scores and comments will be included on one of the observed run sheets included in your Advanced Rider Course (ARC) logbook. Ahead of your next observed run you should work on what you have learnt and make sure you are familiar with the theory of riding from the books and handouts.


After an average of 6 observed runs, dependent on your initial experience and time spent practicing advanced skills, an independent senior Observer from the club will take you out to assess if you are test ready.  


In addition to the Observed rides, there are regular workshops and other training events. 


You’ll then go for your IAM Roadsmart test. Your examiner is usually an ex or serving Class One Police rider who will be looking for you to demonstrate a safe, systematic, smooth and progressive ride with restraint where necessary for your own and other road user’s safety. In our club, most riders pass the Advanced test first time, but if you don’t, we’re here to support you with further training.



The ADVANCED RIDER COURSE currently costs £215 for those new to IAM (less for existing members).It’s always worth checking with us as from time to time, we offer various promotions. 

Please note that as we are all volunteers, we ask for a fuel donation of £70 to help cover 7 training rides. 

The package will give you everything you need to take and pass the advanced riding test and become a full member.

  • IAM annual membership for 1st year

  • IAM test fee

  • DAM annual membership for 1st year

  • Advanced Rider Course (ARC) logbook

  • Instructor/Observed/Mentored rides (7) to test standard

  • Further coaching if desired

  • Advanced riding theory sessions

  • Access to social rides and events

  • Facebook forum access

To join IAM direct click HERE


Or contact us directly. We can arrange payment by credit/debit card, discounts and offers may be available.


DAM Membership YEARLY Renewal £24

For people who have already passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test and are members of the IAM.


  • DAM annual membership

  • Further coaching if desired

  • Social rides & events

  • Forum access

Click HERE to renew your Membership

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