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The Safest Riders

It’s the motorcycling paradox. One of life’s great experiences is tempered by the

inherent risks.


​We can’t remove those risks, but can equip you to manage them, reduce them, and

have more biking fun at the same time.


Sounds too good to be true?


 Here’s how we do it:


Devon Advanced Motorcyclists is a registered charity. We’re linked to IAM RoadSmart.

We have a team of around 29 highly skilled Instructors, all of whom are volunteers

and give their time for free.


 That’s how we keep the training costs so low.


One of our Instructors will coach you to the Advanced Riding Standard. Typically, this

takes six to nine months and will require significant effort from you, and from your

Instructor on your behalf.


It’s a great course: practical, theoretical, evidence based. Built on how the police

train their riders and drivers.


At the end of the process you will be a smoother, safer, more capable and more

confident rider. And you will have the IAM RoadSmart Full Member badge of riding


All the course details are on our Join Us and Events pages.

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